Monday, 17 May 2010


This was one of the small courtyard gardens at Barnsdale which I particularly liked. I do like formality in a garden to a certain extent, but the planting inside the formality needs to be 'floofy' (one of my technical terms meaning informal and exuberant).

This is a close up of the gorgeous tulips. The colour contrast of the tulips against the green topiary was striking.

The blue of the forget-me-nots seems to cool the tulips down, but this was in a shadier part of the gardens. The colour combination still works really well.


  1. Hi Ellie

    Love the garden pictures. I am too, an avid gardner; however, in Newfoundland-across the pond from you, sadly our spring is still stuck in neutral. I have been able to do some weeding and early planting, tulips have come up, but no flowers yet.

    Will post some pictures as the spring unfolds!

  2. Hi Julie

    Thank you for your comment and sorry I haven't replied before now. I have a friend in Canada who is desperate to start gardening after the winter, but she said it is still snowy there. I'd like to see some pictures of your garden, once Spring has sprung!