Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year Thoughts

It is 1/1/11 - an auspicious start to the new year? I haven't made any New Year Resolutions because as we all know, no-one ever keeps them! Instead, I have some New Year thoughts.
  • To try and be a bit tidier. This is a huge issue for me (as anyone who knows me, knows). I had a major clear out in May 2010 and was very pleased with my efforts, but this hasn't lasted and the stuff has accumulated with alarming rapidity. I am not going to change, but I can try to get rid of things and perhaps deal with paperwork more efficiently.

  • To sort out my website. I know what I would like, so it is a case of sitting down and getting on with it (with lots of help from Chris).

  • To continue felt making.

  • To continue reading interesting books. This will be easy to do as I love reading and it is one of the things that I really do make time for.

  • To exercise more. Exercise is a bit like housework for me - I don't enjoy it so only do it when absolutely necessary. However, having an office job is not conducive to keeping fit, so I shall have to make a bit more effort there.

  • To buy a dressing gown that is calf length as opposed to knee length. A major goal, but an important one for me!

  • To complete at least some of my on-going craft projects.

That is definitely enough to be going on with.

(Photo is one of my felt pieces and a bit of Photoshop magic to create a repeating pattern.)

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