Monday, 18 April 2011


I know I have already featured my small selection of tulips on here before, but couldn't resist adding a few more photos as I am so pleased with the amazing splash of colour these flowers are providing at the moment.

This one is the double 'Carnaval de Nice' which I featured way back in October and which is a gorgeous combination of white and red with a little green on the outer petals. It is certainly one which is impossible to ignore.
Even the shut flowers look exotic.

And finally, back to the combination of 'Jimmy' and 'Ronaldo', but taking a look at the insides of the flowers, which are just as lovely as the outside.
I have only got four pots of these tulips, but am so impressed, I think I shall have to buy more for next year. They are so beautiful and have given me so much pleasure (and lots of photo opportunities!) I don't think I would go to the extremes of seventeenth century Holland, where one bulb of a particularly prized specimen would be worth a house, but I do think I have underrated these bulbs in the past and I shall do my best to always grow some tulips in the future.

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