Monday, 7 November 2011

Bonfire Night 2011

Pictures of fireworks seem to be an annual part of my blog, due to the proximity of our house to the local football ground where the council-run 'extravaganza' (their description, not mine) takes place around this time each year. 
 This year, the show seemed to be shorter than ever, probably due to all the council cuts and the exorbitant cost of putting on a display.  However, I can't grumble because I got a free show.
Unfortunately, the art of taking photos of fireworks is one that eludes me somewhat - just after I pressed the button, there always seemed to be much more beautiful colours and shapes.  However, the photos above give some idea - my favourite is the second one.


  1. Do you believe that in Newfoundland, some communities still celebrate Guy Fawkes Day with bonfire night. The tradition is fading and I am not sure some people here in Newfoundland even know you Guy Fawkes was, but there you have it.

  2. Dear Julie
    We still have a tradition of bonfires and fireworks over here, but again, I'm not sure everyone is aware of the reason why. It has always seemed odd that every year we commemorate a botched attempt to blow up the government by a rather ill equipped group of men some four hundred years ago, but we do. It all adds to our rich heritage!