Monday 25 January 2010

Another commission

The stone wall felt has proved to be the most popular, with the number of commissions at three so far. Of course, it is the one that takes the most time to make because the blending of colours to create the individual stones is a time consuming process in itself. However, it is very enjoyable and quite therapeutic to do. The above photo shows the piece finished, prior to felting, with the 'stones' laid on to the top layer of wool. I like the 'fluffy' appearance, which is lost once the felting process is complete. Some of the blends I created are around the edge of the work and the original piece is above it, to give me a guide. It felted well and I am now ready to begin the hand embroidery to delineate each stone. A few hours in front of the television should see that done!

Wednesday 20 January 2010

Getting organised!

Having received this hobby box from Mum at Christmas, I have finally got all my embroidery threads, art silks and ribbons sorted and easily accessible. Before this, they were shoved in a box, in a bit of a mess. Now I can find what I need with no problems! Aren't Mums great?

Monday 11 January 2010

Poplars at Sunset

I tokk this photo as I was intrigued by the colour contrast of the dark grey (and snow laden) clouds with the brilliant orange of the setting sun on the trees. I saw this over the Christmas week and it really grabbed my attention. Whether I shall use it in a felt landscape, I don't know, but it will be added to my stock of photos. (Or 'primary source material' to give it the proper name!)

Saturday 9 January 2010

Dramatic Sunset - framed

I haven't made any new landscape inspired felt pieces for a while (this is my job for the new year!) but I do have this piece framed, so thought I would add the photo of it to my blog. Again, the choice of frame and mounting board took us quite some time, but the end result does justify all the indecision!
Incidentally, my mum-in-law really liked the framed stone wall felt we gave her for Christmas. This year, I am also going to make a four piece picture to hang above our fireplace, using the natural coloured wools from my sister's sheep. This should complement the colours in the room and add a focal point to a rather bare wall. Watch this space...