Saturday 24 June 2023

The rest of the Roses

It has been a good rose year so far.  Here are some photos of the other roses in my garden.  Above is Cottage Rose.
My latest acquisition, Dannahue.  I will be putting this one in a big pot in the Autumn.
William Shakespeare 2000, still growing tall and attempting garden domination.
For Your Eyes Only, which I repotted earlier this year and I thought I had killed it. The roots were growing through the bottom of the pot and it was difficult to get it out of the pot.  It looked distinctly unhappy for quite a while.  However, it has decided all is well and is flowering beautifully.
Eyes for You, which is a really pretty flower with dark purply splodges at the base.  You can see the different colours it goes through here too. It will be repotted in the Autumn too.
New Dawn flowering on the arch.
Emily Bronte who was also trying to take over.  She has been cut back a bit now after the first flush of flowers. The scent in the garden has been lovely and it has been enhanced by the little white orange blossom which has been fantastic this year. (That will need repotting too, I think...) I now need to feed them all, especially the ones in pots.  A nice relaxing job for this evening, I think.

Thursday 15 June 2023

Index-Card-A-Day (ICAD) 2023 - weeks 1 and 2

Here we are with ICAD 2023.  Above are (clockwise from top left) Sapling; Polka dots or Graphic dots; Espresso; Map.  
Here are Stripes or Zebra stripes; Wildflowers and Treble Clef.  So far, I've used pens and watercolour, inks and embossing, collage and stamps.
Week two was: Butterfly; Fuchsia or Magenta; Glyph (any kind of purposeful mark, representation of a character or an incised mark).  I used texture paste for this and tried to get the look of an old piece of plaster.  Signpost is the last one on this photo.

Moonlight (music from the 'Moonlight Sonata'); Superstition ( I have been practising the lettering I have been doing in my talking sketchbook online class); Typewriter.  
I am being pretty literal with my interpretations so far, but we shall see as the weeks go on.  On to week three...

Friday 9 June 2023

Decorating a tray

Due to the lack of clear surfaces in our sitting room (mainly due to my various craft stashes which seem to be taking over!), I often use the ironing board as a makeshift table. This is fine until someone wants to use it for its intended purpose.  I decided to try and make things a bit easier to move off the ironing board and so bought a plain tray to keep my stuff in.  Well, it wasn't going to be plain for long.  I had recently seen a video by Shemi Dixon on Youtube here where she painted a tray.  I was going to do that, but then as my art journal course had featured mark making using acrylic paint pens on tissue paper, I decided to do that instead.  
I had a happy time making all the marks then painted the tray with a couple of coats of acrylic paint, tore up the tissue paper and stuck it down.  I finished with a couple of coats of varnish and some gold gilding paste on the top and corners.  I am really pleased with the finished tray and it is very much my own design.

Monday 5 June 2023

Hello to Jacques, Ferdinand, Mary, Olivia, Charles, Geoff, Constance...

 It is rose time again and I have been watching the roses slowly start to unfurl.  I so enjoy this time of year in the garden.

I do have rather a lot of pink roses.  
Above, top row, left to right are: Jacques Cartier, Ferdinand Pichard and Mary Rose.
Middle, left to right are: Olivia Rose Austin, Charles de Mills and Geoff Hamilton.
Bottom, left to right are: For Your Eyes Only, Constance Spry and Gertrude Jekyll.
This is Susan Williams-Ellis.  Still to flower are Blush Noisette, Cottage Rose, Eyes for You, Emily Bronte, William Shakespeare 2000, New Dawn and my newest acquisition, an apricot one, Dannahue.  I look forward to seeing them soon. I have had many roses over the years and quite a few have not stayed with me.  The ones I have now have all done well, either in borders or in pots and I hope they will be with me for many years to come. 
In other news in the garden, Camassia Silk River is in flower.  Described as lime green to white, they are lovely, shorter than the blue camassias and later to flower.  
Pretty creamy/green flowers.
I am also enjoying a few foxgloves and have just sowed some more ready for next year.  Above is an apricot one which I love.  I also have the purple ones and a white one too.  It's all so exciting at this time of year!
I shall keep a watch out for the next roses to flower.