Friday 23 April 2010

Latest felt piece

Above is the latest of the circles series of pieces I have been working on. This is my favourite so far as I think the combination of blues works very well (as blue is my favourite colour, I may be a little biased!) I used Merino for this piece, which felted very well, in about 20 minutes. My next pieces will see a return to my primary source photos I think, as well as continuing the little hearts and stars. It's all fun!

Thursday 15 April 2010

More experiments

The above photos show my latest experiments with pre-felted wool circles using Merino for the background this time. It worked very well I think and I like the colour combinations. I shall continue with this idea and see where it takes me...

Monday 5 April 2010

Easter Sunday visit to Barnsdale

I was lucky to be able to visit Barnsdale Gardens again yesterday (one of my favourite de-stress places) and the weather was very kind to me ( I managed to escape the cold wind and find some sheltered spots to enjoy the sunshine in. Above are a couple of the photos I took - one showing a tracery of branches from the hazel tunnel against the blue sky, and the other showing hellebores and grape hyacinths. Although plants are about a month behind their usual flowering time, they are catching up quickly. Spring - I love it!