Saturday, 24 October 2009

A New Bag!

I was in a charity shop the other day, looking at their selection of bags. I needed a new bag for carrying my lunch and other necessities to work, but the lockers at work are quite small. I looked for a while and then it hit me! Why not make your own bag? Earlier in the year, I had treated myself to a simple but fabulous Janome sewing machine which spends a lot of time sitting about doing nothing, so here was a great opportunity!
From the mountain of material we have secreted away in the loft, I chose this rather fetching vintage floral number that was originally either upholstery or curtain fabric. I used a simple pattern from the book, "Yeah, I made it myself" which I adapted. It was relatively simple to do but probably wouldn't stand up to really close scrutiny as my measurements were not that accurate. Still, for a first attempt at a lined bag, I am really proud of it and no-one will have one the same! I added a velcro strip to close it for security and can't wait to use it. The other good thing is that because the lining is calico, the bag is washable. I'm not the world's best at sewing or using a sewing machine, but it took me about four hours or so to do, and saved me from spending any precious pennies!

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