Thursday, 12 November 2009

Panic has set in!

I am feeling really guilty because I haven't posted anything for ten days!
I haven't made any new pieces of felt, but I have been working on more stock for the craft fair tomorrow night. I think I have been a bit naive because somehow I expected it all to 'just happen' and there were loads of things I hadn't even thought about. Chris has been busy getting cellophane bags and making labels and bag tops to give a professional look to the items. I was just going to display the pieces in baskets and wrap them if anyone bought them but I have to admit, they look much more effective in the bags.
I have made a little photo album of my larger square landscape pieces with a title and description of the materials used for people to flick through (and hopefully commission something!). I have also been making 'how to care for felt' labels, price labels and 'Made in England' labels too. It's all go!
I am also going to display some unwrapped hearts and stars on a little Christmas tree to give an idea of how they would look and to give the opportunity for them to be touched, as to me, that is an important part of the buying process.
I shall take photos of the stall and post some after it is all over and once I've recovered... I'll also mention whether I sold anything!

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