Friday, 25 June 2010

A Symphony of Pink!

My garden is flowering madly at the moment and I have a huge number of plants with pink flowers - not necessarily by design. There are also touches of blue, white and purple, but at the moment it is predominantly pink. Still, when the flowers are this gorgeous, I don't mind.

From the top - Rosa Mundi (Gallica Versicolour), Cottage Rose, Penstemon Garnet. I love this penstemon as it came through the coldest winter for 30 years completely unscathed and it is in a pot. I tried to take some cuttings but all but one have wilted and died. Undaunted, I shall try again because I would like lots more of this plant.

Clematis 'Piilu' which is very reliable and floriferous. For the first time this year, it has produced double flowers (below) at the same time as single flowers (above). It also has produced a multitude of buds too. It is a great plant.


  1. Hi Ellie, WE certainly do seem to share the same interests. Your flowers are fabulous. I envy you your climate. We have had heavy water restrictions for about 4 years and my garden is devastated. Had to let a lot of it go. Very sad.
    Love the felting. Have only ever tried it once, but would like to go back to it one day when I retire. Thanks for putting me onto your blog. Love it.

  2. Dear Liz
    Than you very much for your lovely comments. I'm so sorry that you are under water restrictions and that you aren't able to enjoy your garden. It has been very hot here for only two weeks and the gardens are starting to suffer. I try not to water my borders but as I have a lot of pots, they take a good deal of looking after. I love felting too - it is a very tactile craft and once you try it, you are hooked (as I found out!) I hope you continue to enjoy my blog.