Saturday, 31 July 2010

Hydrangea Heaven - a little too close for comfort!

The beautiful flower before the overwatering disaster!
Following my blog entry about the gorgeous hydrangeas and how easy they are to grow etc., I thought I had better revise that opinion. Having potted on Vanilla Fraise into a small tub, I thought it would grow beautifully and be happy. Nothing could be further from the truth! I assiduously watered it, thinking that it would need large amounts of water, but it rapidly started to wilt, the flowers turned brown, and I thought it was not long for this world. In a panic, I took it out of the tub and put it back into a smallish pot, without watering it for a few days. It appears to be slowly recovering, and to help it, I cut off the wilted brown flowers. So, I think I made the mistake of over-watering it (I didn't think you could do that with hydrangeas, but it seems you can!) I am watching and waiting and hoping for the best.

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