Saturday, 12 November 2011

Tulip planting

I have finally got round to planting my tulip bulbs which have been waiting patiently for about one and a half months, sitting quietly in the cupboard.  I hope they will provide as much enjoyment as this year's tulips did.  I have bought 'Carnaval de Nice' again becuase I loved the striped petals,  ' Peach Blossom', a fluffy, frilly pink and a mixture called 'Triumph'.  I have planted them in containers, one type to each pot and have planted some cheerful violas in different colours on the top to give me something to look at while the tulips are growing.
I had a lovely time planting the tulips and thought what a positive activity gardening is, as there is always next year to look forward to.  No matter if your gardening year was awful, there is always the hope that next year will be so much better!

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