Tuesday, 23 June 2015

More Open Gardens 2015

It was Open Gardens at my mum's village last Sunday, so we went along to support them.  We had lovely sunny weather in which to enjoy walking round the village.  These first three photos show the amazing clematis at one of the gardens (it was my favourite, partly because it was very romantic and exuberant, with lots of roses and clematis).  
 The clematis plants were so healthy and full of flowers.  The owner said that she didn't feed them and hadn't done anything to them except prune annually.
 They must be exceptionally happy in her garden.
 Another garden had a border full of delphiniums,  I always admire these plants, but can't grow them in my garden, due to the slug and snail population.
 This was the verge opposite one of the houses, full of wildflowers.
Chris and I both enjoyed the wooded area in this garden.  It was a rented house and the current occupier told us he would love to buy it.  The main part of the garden led out onto a meadow and then to this wooded area, with wild roses dotted amongst the trees.
 It was a magical place.  I loved the way the shadows were cast by the trees in these photographs.
As a contrast to the informality, this garden displayed the owner's care, attention, hard work and love of formality with an impressive vegetable plot.  He was growing an enormous number of peas - obviously his family really enjoy them!  On the other side of the garden, to the right of the photograph, there was a flower garden too, which again was extremely well tended and cared for.
It really struck me how much the gardens reflected their owners - I wonder what my garden says about me?!


  1. Love the gardens.
    And am shuddering to think what my garden says about me. Overblown? Chaotic? Crowded? Nothing orderly anyway...

    1. Thanks, EC. The gardens were all so different and it is lovely to be able to be nosy! My garden isn't orderly either and there are things everywhere, which does reflect me!
      Best wishes

  2. Hi Ellie, I think your garden says this about you: creative, colourful, adventurous, evolving, beautiful :)

    1. Thanks, Maria. I am so flattered that you think that! It is lovely to have such a good and supportive friend like you (even if you are thousands of miles away...)
      Love and best wishes