Saturday, 31 October 2015

Autumn colours

On the last day of October, there are some lovely colours to be seen in the garden.  The star at the moment just has to be the blueberries - Goldtraube and Northland which has the most glorious autumnal shades in their leaves.

 Just beautiful.
 However, there are still the vestiges of summer too, as can be seen by geranium Rozanne...
 ...and a clematis, Princess Diana.
Inside, Chris has been busy with his jam and chutney making and this beautiful orange-coloured jelly is made from crab apples, with a hint of lavender.
The lights just didn't do justice to the golden tones.  He is also making quince jam/jelly at the moment too.  Autumn colour is all around me at the moment!


  1. It is a glorious time of year isn't it? Those rich, vibrant colours and ripe fruit and nuts.
    The crab-apple jelly sounds wonderful. I never added lavender to mine - which I regret. And, since some sod killed my tree I no longer have any crab apples. Some year...

    1. Thanks, EC. It is a lovely time of year, though for me, it has a slightly melancholy feeling. Chris has made the quince jam (last night at 10.45 pm!) which is adding to the autumnal colours. I'm sorry that you don't have a crab apple tree any more. Is it something that you would consider replacing?
      Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
      Best wishes