Sunday, 23 October 2016

Colours of Autumn

Over the last few days, I have really noticed the leaf colours starting to change.  The blueberries (this one is Goldtraube) are the first to begin and they usually put on a beautiful show. (You can also see Hydrangea Confetti in the foreground and Hydrangea Annabelle in the background.)
Blueberry Northland is also joining in. 
I enjoy seeing the different shades of red of the leaves.
 Magnolia Susan is turning to a lovely buttery yellow.
Hydrangea Fireworks is also showing its autumn colours, adding pink and green to the white flowers.
This is what the flowers looked like back in the Summer.
Hydrangea Miss Saori is also showing off her autumn colours.
This is what her flowers looked like back in the summer.
It is definitely feeling colder now and I shall have to think about insulating all my pots again.  This is the one time of year I really wish I didn't have quite so many...


  1. The start of autumnal fireworks. And I hear you on the subject of toooooo many pots.
    Have a great week.

    1. Thanks, EC. I do enjoy this time of year with all the lovely colours but I don't really look forward to winter all that much. I did try to downsize my plants in pots collection, but I seem to have added to it instead (mainly with roses - and, of course, I just HAD to buy them!)
      I hope you have a good week too.
      Best wishes