Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The Big Craft Event

I had a good day at the Big Craft Event on Sunday.  The weather was bright and sunny and there were lots of visitors.  Chris and Rachael were wonderful - I couldn't have done it without them.  Chris had made me a shelf last week, when I realised that I needed something substantial to put my framed work on (nothing like leaving things to the last minute, Ellie!).  Rachael was great with arranging the items and having ideas for how to improve for next year and generally being fun to be with. 
Lots of people were very interested in my felt work and in the screen printed pieces in particular, so this is an area I am going to work on next year.  There were enquiries about cards, so that will be another focus, as will smaller pieces.  The birthstone hearts (felt hearts with geniune gemstone charms for the different months - they are on the seasonal tree display) weren't as popular as I had hoped, so I will move away from those, although there were so many hearts on so many stalls, that perhaps people had reached saturation point with them.  Out of all the hearts, the small ones were the best sellers, so I may continue with a few of those.
The biggest surprise was the needle felted sheep, which I had added as a bit of a last minute thing, in order to catch people's eye and encourage them to look at the other items.  I had managed to make six in the end and they all sold.
 They had all been given names and customers seemed to be drawn to them. 
 They are very cute, but I was delighted that customers liked them as much as I did.
I did stab my finger several times making them, but I am getting better at that and I also need to pay attention to my posture as the hours I spent on the last two sheep took their toll on my back. So, more sheep is definitely the way to go!
It was an enjoyable experience and I like meeting people and spreading the joy of felt making.  I also need to look at providing workshops as I had a few enquiries about that too.  In the end, I covered the cost of having the stall and made a little bit of profit too.  I have signed up for next year, so will be working on new items and lots of new ideas over the months.


  1. I am glad you had such a good day, and not in the slightest bit surprised the sheep were winners. If I had been there no-one else would have had a chance at acquiring one.

    1. Thanks, EC. They were the stars of the stall and I think I will need to make lots more for next year!
      I have just emailed you and am looking forward to your reply.
      Best wishes

  2. Those sheep are rather gorgeous, not surprised they were snapped up xx

  3. Thanks Cheryl (and apologies for the wrong name!) That is quite a compliment, coming from someone who makes beautiful needle felted pieces! I will definitely be making more sheep.
    Best wishes