Thursday, 20 September 2018

Star Plants of late summer/early autumn

 My star plants at the moment are my miscanthus.  I have three varieties - here are Starlight and Kleine Fontane at the back. They are elegant plants and bring movement to the border.  I have found them to be really well behaved too and they provide something to look at throughout the winter.
 This miscanthus Silber Feder is in the other border and is a stunner.  It is statuesque and keeps its flower heads all winter.  If I had a larger garden, I would have many more miscanthus, but I really enjoy the ones I do have.  (The fence panel will be painted black at some point, once the clematis growing in front of it has died down.  The miscanthus will show up beautifully against the dark backdrop).
Helianthus Lemon Queen is a perennial sunflower which has grown absolutely huge this year.  I divided it early in Spring and this seems to have given it a new lease of life.  It towers above me and gives a lovely burst of sunshine yellow. 
 The bees love it too, as you can see.
How about this for a colourful combination?  Cosmos Dazzler, which does live up to its name.  This is a single plant shoved rather unceremoniously into a pot, contrasting against the sunflower.  The cosmos took ages to come into flower and I nearly composted it, but it has redeemed itself now.  As well as 'living for the moment' in the garden,  I do look forward to the way the character of the garden changes with the seasons.


  1. Loving your garden. And hear you on both living for the moment, and looking forward to developments.
    The first our our tulips (those the vandal birds left us) are starting to flower. Fingers crossed the cockatoos don't find them.

    1. Thanks, EC. I do forget to enjoy the 'now' sometimes, so its good to keep reminding myself.
      I hope your tulips do well this season. They weren't great for me this year (probably due to the unseasonable cold snap at the end of February/March), but I have bought bulbs ready to try again next year and they'll be planted in October/November. I need to get my daffodil bulbs in soon. I think bulb planting is a really optimistic thing to do.
      Best wishes