Monday, 11 April 2011

More from Granny

After Granny made her debut on my blog, I asked Mum for a photo of her when she was little. This was not an easy task as there don't seem to have been many taken. Mum did find this one, with Granny at the bottom left frowning, her sister Margaret (known as Margie, with a hard 'g' sound) and Hilda Mary at the top wearing a very posh hat. The back shows it is from Hilda Mary and I'll try to decipher it:

My darling Mother,

We had 4 of these Post Cards done for 1,50, when we went to town yesterday. Monica (Granny) has already told you in her letter that the J/Tour du Monde (?) did not have a Matinee on Thursday so as we had got into Bruxelles we did not want to go back having done nothing, so we went to 'The Merry Widow'. We all enjoyed it immensely, it was very well done and it was only 50. We must tell you all about when you come back, but to tell you how much I enjoyed it I will say I was not disappointed. The singing and dancing was sweet, but we were rather too high up to hear the words but I don't think that mattered we heard the music and saw the glorious dresses, it reminded us of those fashions at the ?: which are burnt(?)I hope you like this of us, it was an instant(?) and ready for us when we came from the theatre. With much love to Father and Brooke ? Hilda.

Mum said Hilda Mary was always very well dressed and took a great interest in clothes, as can be seen from her card. I remember visiting Auntie Mary and I do remember her wearing a suit and being very smart. Apparently, they went to school in Brussels for a while and Granny was about eight at this time which might explain her less than happy expression. I have tried to decipher the card as well as I can, but there remain some words I am not sure of, so have replaced them with question marks. It does give a fascinating glimpse into a different time.

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