Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Being married to a hoarder, coming from a hoarding family and so being a hoarder myself can have some benefits. There is the danger of becoming swamped in "things that might come in handy" or "things we just had to save from destruction", but I couldn't live in a minimalist house anyway - it's just not my style! The benefit of finding lovely items like the (possibly) Victorian tiles above outweighs the negatives. The muted colours and floral pattern are right up my street, even though, as yet, we haven't found them a suitable home.

The writing above is found on the back of one of the tiles and I'm not sure whether it is a signature or pattern name and number. However, it all adds to the interest in a fairly utilitarian object. I would love to have a mixture of tiles as a splashback, although they would probably have to have similar colours in them to make the different patterns work together. Alternatively, they could be like a dot plant in a flower border - the central piece around which everything else is placed.
I wonder what else Chris will find?

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