Sunday, 10 April 2011

What a difference a day or two makes...

My tulips really came into their own and I was very excited by the daily improvement in growth and colour. Then suddenly, this week, with the onset of beautiful sunny, warm weather, they opened out in all their glory.

They were a free gift when I ordered some plants last autumn, and I planted them in a tub, not really thinking they would amount to much. How wrong could I be? The purple and orange have given a vibrant colour contrast amongst all the blues and yellows in the garden at the moment and have delighted me.

Velvety textured tulips giving a shot of bright colour to the garden - I think the varieties are Ronaldo and Jimmy. (Apologies to those poor souls in Canada who are still shivering under snow. Hopefully, these photos will keep you going until your own Spring finally comes.)


  1. Hi Ellie

    My tulips are starting to emerge, finally! Still alot of snow around but almost felt like spring today!

  2. Dear Julie
    Thank you for your comment. I am so pleased to hear that your tulips are on the way too. Hopefully, the snow will go at last and things will continue to improve for you.