Monday, 4 April 2011

Visit to Tupholme Abbey (2)

We last visited Tupholme Abbey ( in September 2009 and I added it as a blog post on 8th September 2009. Last Saturday we decided, on a bit of a whim, to head off to Horncastle for the afternoon and on the way back, we stopped off at the Abbey again. Originally it was a huge place, with an Abbey Church, Cloisters, and all the other accoutrements required for a monastic complex. However, it fell foul of Henry VIII's Dissolution of the Monasteries (he has a lot to answer for) and the buildings were sold off and made into a Tudor mansion, subsequently demolished. The only part of the Abbey that remains is the refectory wall. At one end are the remains of a Victorian house and at the other, a Georgian house. Around the area, there are many pieces of beautifully worked stones, just randomly left on the ground. Even though there is not that much left, there is a strong feeling of peace and tranquility and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.
This willow sculpture of an eel catcher with a string of fish in his hand was a new addition to the pond areas.

Looking through the Victorian house down the range of the remaining building.

Looking out through the Georgian window frame onto the quiet Lincolnshire fields.


  1. Imagine what that Abbey looked like before Henry had it demolished! Our national televison (CBC) just finished a series of 5 Seasons, called The Tudors and it was excellent. If you ever get a chance to see it, it was well done with Jonathan Rhyes Meyers as Henry. Still lots of snow on the ground, hopefully, in a few weeks, it will feel and look like spring.

  2. Dear Julie
    Thank you for your comment - it's always nice to hear from you. At Tupholme, there were some interpretation boards giving an artist's impression of the abbey and it covered a large area originally. We have had The Tudors series over here too. Sorry to hear that you still have snow - it can't last too much longer now, can it?