Thursday, 20 August 2009

My next attempt

My next attempt was to create a more finished piece, including a background which would add extra interest without detracting from the felt piece. I added vertical ribbons and circle embroidery onto the background which echoed the circles in the felt. To create the circles on the felt, I had cut holes into it during the felting process which showed the layers of colours I had used. I embellished the surface with circles of merino and embroidered onto them in different threads. As a final flourish, I added just a few sequins. I was pleased with the end result, although as a piece of felt, it was far from perfect. This was due to my inexperience as I had not 'fulled' the felt for long enough to enable the fibres to knit together and create a flat surface. However, as I reminded myself, it was only my second piece of hand made felt and I knew I would get better with time and practise.

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