Friday, 26 November 2010


I am currently enjoying reading 'Katherine' by Anya Seton, a novel based on the life of Katherine Swnford. Having read a factual biography of Katherine not so long ago, I was discussing her life with a work colleague, who later presented me with this book as a gift (what a lovely surprise!) Having spent the last couple of months with my head inside 'The Seven Basic Plots', (which, though incredibly interesting and fascinating, has needed lots of concentration and thought), it is a pleasant change to just enjoy a story. The character of Katherine in the novel is captivating, (although it always helps if the heroine is beautiful - naturally) and of course, her counterpart, John of Gaunt, is portrayed as the equivalent of Rhett Butler - suitably heroic but with a dash of darker characteristics. It is the perfect book to be reading at this time of year, when it is dark at 4.00pm. An open fire, good book and some chocolate are the perfect antidote to the cold (and my favourite way to spend an afternoon or evening).

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