Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A Little Treasure

Chris and I enjoy pottering round little antique shops when we have the time, and we did just that recently. There was a pile of original art work on the floor, in a bit of a muddle, and we spent quite some time looking through it and sorting it out into better order. Amongst the endless life drawings (we came to the conclusion that the owner of the work may have been an art tutor and had kept his students' drawings), there were several watercolours that caught our eye. There was a variety of skill on show from lots of different artists and we saw the above little sketch and both really liked it. It reminds me of a snowy day and is very atmospheric. It is quite small - 16.5 cm x 12cm approximately.
We don't know who painted it as it has no name or date, but it is going to have a new lease of life in our house, once we have had it framed. You never know what you are going to find in an antique shop - sometimes nothing, sometimes lots of things you would like, but can't afford, and just occasionally, a little treasure.

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