Saturday, 9 July 2011

Ken Dodd - a national treasure!

Chris and I went to see Ken Dodd at the local theatre last week.  It was absolutely packed with not a spare seat to be seen.  We knew that his shows tend to last quite a long time, so were prepared to be there until the early hours of the morning.  In the event, this show started at 7.15pm and he let us go at 12.00 midnight!  We certainly got our money's worth. 
He is an amazing entertainer and told us that he was celebrating 55 years in show business.  He sang, told many, many jokes which had the audience hooting with laughter, and even included some ventriloquism with a 'Diddy Man' character called 'Dicky Mint'.  I think he could have quite happily continued entertaining us for longer as he had incredible energy and enthusiasm and showed no sign of flagging (we did, towards the end of the second half). 
It seemed that a large percent of the audience were mature, because they are the ones who know him best, but I did spot a few people younger than me, which was encouraging.  It really was a masterclass in joke telling and in entertainment generally and I am very pleased that we had the opportunity to see him in action.
(photo from Daily Mail)

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