Thursday, 14 July 2011

Modest garden success

 I have been experimenting with some new plants this year and am finally seeing some results, albeit in a modest way.  However, even modest success is really exciting for me!  Above is a lovely bud from some Dutch iris bulbs I planted a month or so ago.  I thought all that I had managed to grow were some very lovely green strap-like leaves and was ready to chalk it up to experience about impulse buying, but a little more patience and I have been rewarded with the promise of flowers.  Once they come out, I'll post a photo.

 More impulse buys, this time dwarf gladioli (not a plant I was particularly enamoured with), but I was prepared to give them a try.  I do have a couple of stems almost in flower, but most of the bulbs/corms/rhizomes have just produced leaves.  I think the flower has a pink strip on the inside of the petals, but I'll just have to wait and see.

 Here is evidence of my second attempt at growing something to eat in the garden.  Chris has mentioned (just the odd once or twice!) that he likes things you can eat, so I do grow chives and mint, but not a lot else in that line.  So, this year, I thought I would try again.  My previous attempts with carrots and shallots convinced me that I did not have what it took to grow veg.  This year, I bought seeds of Courgette 'Midnight' and Runner Bean 'Hestia', both developed for container growing. The seeds grew really well and I planted them into large pots.  I watered and fed them, but nothing much seemed to be happening.  Then, flowers appeared on the beans and then on the courgettes.  You can imagine my delight!  Unfortunately, the courgette flowers just kept falling off.  I then discovered that these were the male flowers and the female ones take a little longer to grow.  I fed the plants again and found an actual courgette, much to my surprise.  So, I am feeling encouraged, especially as the beans are also starting to develop.  If nothing else, at least I can say I have grown some veg this year!

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