Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bishop Bob in situ

 Well, here is Bishop Bob in situ in the college Theatre bar.  It was quite tricky to find a place without too much natural light and with enough floor space to experiment with the distances for the light.  We really wanted a halogen bulb so that the shadow would be really sharp, but the old fashioned one worked pretty well and gave us the shadow that we imagined.  We were very pleased with the end result.  There is also an element of interaction for the people judging/looking at it, as we made a sign inviting them to switch the light on (and remember to switch it off again, of course) and we hope that this will give a surprise element, when the shadow appears on the wall.  All in all, we are pretty pleased with our achievement! 
A view with all the various cards/explanations/ descriptions and the Tate Modern-inspired information on the back wall.

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