Friday, 7 October 2011

Hello to Bishop Bob

At the University College where I work, the Chaplaincy challenged all the departments to make a Bishop (in the style of a scarecrow) and place them in various locations around college to be viewed on Tuesday.  My colleague, Rachael and I decided to make a small scarecrow Bishop and shine a light on him to project a shadow, as our entry.  Other departments have gone for Bishop Desmond Tutu (in a tutu, naturally) or Harold Bishop (from 'Neighbours') or St Nicholas, who was also a Bishop.  We have devised a Tate Modern inspired description for our installation and have had help from the Maintenance Department who kindly provided the lighting. 

Our Bishop is based on a real person, and we have tried to make him using a medieval image as the inspiration.  Part of the brief was to be frugal and spend no more than ten pounds, but we spent nothing as (due to the fact that Chris and I are hoarders), we had all the materials we needed at home.  Bishop Bob may not look much like a scarecrow, but is in fact made around two pieces of wood, as a traditional scarecrow is.  Rachael made his hat, head and hands and I made his clothes and crozier (shepherd's crook-like staff).  I'll let you know how we get on!

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