Saturday, 31 March 2012

Change in the weather

 Due to the lovely summery weather we have had over the last two weeks, the tulips have suddenly shot into growth and here is the first one of the year.  However, there definitely is a change in the weather now as it is cloudy and much colder - around 10 degrees C, rather than the 20 we were becoming used to.
 As a consequence, I feel that my magnolia flowers will not last long, especially if it is going to be windy. This morning, I noticed lots of petals on the ground, so as a tribute to this lovely shrub, here is a swansong of photos.
 The scent from the flowers has been absolutely gorgeous, encouraged by the sunshine, and luckily for me, being kept inside the garden.
Lots of clouds rather than the brilliant blue skies of last week.

It has flowered so well this year and I hope that next year's show will be just as impressive.


  1. That's a pity about the magnolia! I read today that they were expecting the temperatures to continue dropping and that we might get even snow this week... I am not completely sure that was for real or just another April Fool's joke, though :)

    1. Hello Aledys
      I heard the weather forecast tonight and indeed they did say snow! So, it can't be an April Fool joke unfortunately. We'll just have to hope it doesn't stay around long - in fact towards the weekend, all is well again (fingers crossed). The poor plants and wildlife won't know what is going on at all!
      Best wishes