Saturday, 24 March 2012

Felt making again - at last!

It has been about six months since I made any felt pieces and last week, I finally managed to pick up my carding combs and make something.  The photo above shows the piece in process and I really liked this combination of blues and turquoises and teals, so had to stop to take a photo.

The piece was based on one I had previously made, taking my inspiration from the sea lavender on the marshes at Saltfleetby, on the Lincolnshire coast.  The original one was fine but I decided to make the colours a little deeper in this version. 
The felted piece, showing how the wool exerts its own influence.  The horizon was a bit more dramatic than I would like, but the colours have worked together well and have given the slightly impressionistic effect I was aiming for.  Now it needs to have the embroidery added, to give more definition to the sea lavender.  That's the next job.


  1. I love this landscape piece! You don't run felting workshops do you? I would love to learn how to do felting like this.

  2. Thank you very much for your comments. I don't run workshops for felting, but this piece was created in quite a simple way - it's the blending of the colours that takes the time. I used carding combs to blend the colours and built up about 10 layers of wool and then created the picture on the top surface. I can send you a basic instruction on how I do it if that would be helpful, or if you are ever up this way, you could call in and I could show you! It is a very therapeutic craft and extremely tactile which is why I enjoy it so much. There are some good feltmaking books available, but every feltmaker has variations on the basic process that are used because they work for the individual. Feel free to email me if you would like more information.
    Best wishes