Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Giveaways and swaps

I was very lucky to win a blog giveaway over at  http://mrsthomasinatittlemouse.blogspot.co.uk and here is what I won.  I love receiving parcels and this one was all squishy and lovely.  The owner of the blog has just visited Cologne and had bought lots of goodies that she was very kindly giving away. 
Here's what I won.  Some Christmas spiced tea, a felt star, a felt key-ring and a felt ball coaster, which I think is far too nice to be used as a coaster and needs to be displayed as a piece of art!  Thank you very, very much to Thomasina; you are so generous.
I have also signed up to a Christmas blog swap run by Tracy of Mad about Bags http://madaboutbagsuk.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/a-cracker-of-swap.html which sounds really good fun.  I am looking forward to finding Christmassy things and other little bits and pieces to fill the inside of a kitchen roll with.
News of my own blog giveaway to follow...


  1. Such lovely things! Elizabeth appears to be rather good at shopping and has an eye for gorgeous little finds. I especially love that felt ball coaster. I would like a giant version of that as a rug!

    1. Dear Gillian
      Thank you for your comment. I was really lucky to win those lovely things. You are right - a giant version of the coaster would make the most fantastic rug!
      Best wishes