Saturday, 3 August 2013

A Great Day Out...and Ginger Rogers

 We had a marvellous time today, sampling the delights of Market Rasen, which is a small market town 10 miles or so from Lincoln.  I was looking forward to the opportunity to see some gardens and to explore the town.  The weather was kind - lots of sun and no rain until we were driving home.
The traditional market was full of enticing stalls - lots of plants, jam, cheese, fruit and vegetables, crafts... I was really tempted by the plants and herbs, but amazingly, managed to restrain myself.
 Chris was hugely impressed by the vegetable plot in one of the gardens as it went on and on and was full of delicious looking vegetables.  The owner had purchased this land, as an extra piece, from a local farmer and had put raised beds in.
 He said that he needed to get harvesting, but wanted there to be something for people to see today, so had left the veg there.
 In the main part of the garden, there was this lovely fan trained cherry (Morello, we thought) which had lots of fruit but had been used as a decorative screen.
 I loved the delicate blue of this scabious-related flower.
 The shape of the petals and graduated colour put me in mind of a Ginger Rogers dress (I bet you were wondering where she would come in!).
 Something like this perhaps, with beautifully graduated colour - gorgeous!  Wouldn't it look amazing in the colours of the flower? (I would love a dress like that, but sadly, the bias cut does absolutely nothing for me at all. It really suited Ginger Rogers though).
Chris introduced himself to some very friendly koi carp.   The garden owners were all very welcoming and happy to chat, as were the stall holders at the market and at the various craft fairs. 
Well, I just couldn't manage to totally restrain my buying habits; of course I bought some things!  There was a craft stall with lots of rather interesting wool which I just had to get.  I also liked all the different textures of yarns in the variety pack so that had to come home as well.
These sweet little bud vases were found in a couple of charity shops.
 I also supported a local craftsperson by buying this 'extremely appropriate for garden visiting' bag which did a sterling job today.
Even the lining is gardening-related.
We also supported the local church by having tea, sandwiches and cake there.  I have to say that the fresh cream and raspberry sponge cake which I had was one of the best I have tasted;  a light and fluffy sponge which melted in the mouth, a slight tang of fresh raspberries and a smooth creaminess.  Unfortunately, I had almost finished it before I thought about a photo, so you'll just have to take my word on the deliciousness!
We had a fantastic time and although we weren't far away from home, it felt a million miles away.  We'll definitely be visiting Market Rasen again.

A big welcome to new followers both here and on Bloglovin'.  I hope you will enjoy reading my blog.


  1. I've always wanted to visit Market Rasen. We're not so far away, it's on my list now!

  2. Dear Streetcomber
    Thank you. It was a really pretty little place, with interesting independent shops too, which reminded me of Louth and Horncastle. We also noticed a couple of tea rooms and an antique shop too. The traditional market was lovely although I don't know whether that is how it usually is, or whether this particular one was a bit more plant related for the Open Gardens. I hope you enjoy your visit there as much as we enjoyed ours yesterday.
    Best wishes

  3. I love your analogy of Ginger's dress with the Scabious and I can quite see the dress in those colours.

    It is good to know that you had a good day, I would have been unable to resist those vases too...

    1. Dear Toffeeapple
      Thank you. I am thinking about perhaps creating a piece of polymer clay jewellery in those graduated colours. We had a really good day and I did have to restrain myself as there were lots of other vases at very reasonable prices. I think the vases will look lovely with delicate spring flowers in them - primroses, snowdrops and scillas.
      Best wishes