Monday, 30 May 2016

My plants in Chelsea week 2016

 My plants have been busy during Chelsea week too.  The recent sun and rain has helped everything to shoot up.  Above is Clematis Asao.
 Cirsium rivulare Atropurpureum with its beautiful maroon flower heads.
 Clematis Guernsey Cream, which I had planted and totally forgotten about.
 Astrantia Hadspen Blood, I think, but am not sure, as it could be Moulin Rouge or Ruby Wedding...
 Lilac and Magnolia looking lovely together.
 Allium Purple Sensation against the shed.
 A rather pretty combination of Gladiolus Byzantinus, Nemesia Confetti and Chive flowers.
Clematis Arabella.
 The star of the show has to be my patio peony 'Athens' which is in its second year with me and looking amazing.
Even when the flower is shut up in the rain, it still looks beautiful.

Wow!  Peonies may not last long in flower, but when they are in flower, nothing else comes close to them for sheer glamour.  They get my gold award this week!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, EC. The roses will be next and I am excited about them. I have two other peonies in bud as well.
      Best wishes

  2. Me too re peonies. What a glorious riot of colour in your garden. My lilac has finished but the clematis is just starting xx

    1. Thanks, CT. I am so pleased that patio peonies have been developed as the big plants would take up too much room in my small garden. I have several other patio peonies I am waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for...
      The lilac is nearly over now, but the magnolia is still going, although the wind and rain today may put a stop to that!
      Best wishes