Sunday, 21 August 2016

Late summer flowers

There is a feeling of autumn being just around the corner in the garden.  The stalwarts of late summer are busy flowering, along with a few hangers-on from earlier.  Japanese anemone 'Bressingham Glow' (I think) gives a burst of bright pink.
 The agapanthus I bought last year came through the winter in the shed and has rewarded me with four flowers this year.
Clematis Blue Angel has been lovely,
Crocosmia 'Emily Mackenzie' has made a lovely contrast with the blue of the agapanthus. 
Hibiscus BlueBird reliably flowers throughout August, the exotic looking flowers belying its hardiness.
 My favourite hardy geranium, Rozanne, with the white centre and dark anthers.
 Helianthus Lemon Queen has not been happy this year and the clump has diminished a lot.  Perhaps I need to dig it up and split/replant the best bits.
 Another hibiscus - Woodbridge, I think.
Another shot of the fiery orange and red from the crocosmia.  Still a lot to enjoy, including blueberries and raspberries.  Chris has said he'll make blueberry jam, so that will be interesting!


  1. Loving the colours in your garden. I don't think I have ever seen a blue geranium before, and it has incited my gardening lust.

    1. Thanks EC. The garden is looking very jungly, but there is the definite feeling of autumn too. Geranium Rozanne was voted 'Plant of the Century' a year or two ago. It is quite sprawly, with lovely blue/purple flowers but is very amenable and grows in pots as well as the border.
      Best wishes