Sunday, 29 October 2017

Playing with a new camera

Unfortunately, my Kodak camera which I have been really happy with for a few years, has decided to start letting me down over the battery charging.  If I charge it the night before I need it or the morning I need it, it is fine.  However, after that day, no battery.  I bought a replacement battery but it has proved to be the same, so I am thinking there might be something wrong.  It has taken some lovely photos and I have enjoyed using it, but I decided to buy a new camera. 
After a lot of research, I ended up with the Canon Powershot SX420 IS.  It is different, but it has recognisable buttons and functions.  It has mixed reviews online, but for the price I was happy to pay, it was one of the only options.
This photo is from the Canon website.
 So, I went into the garden to have a practise with it.  Cyclamen Hederifolium looking rather glamorous.
 The changing colours of  Blueberry Goldtraube...
...and again.
 One of the final blooming roses - Gertrude Jekyll.
 Lovely Hydrangea Arborescens Annabelle, fading elegantly.
Miscanthus Silberfeder I think, alongside Rose Gertrude Jekyll.  So far, the camera seems to be OK, although more practising is needed I think.  I'm not sure that the photos have quite the clarity of the Kodak, but time will tell.


  1. Practise makes perfect. A year later, my camera still knows more than I do. I expect it always will.
    Loving the colour and textures in your garden.

  2. Thanks, EC. I haven't downloaded the manual yet - that will be my next job, I think. One icon came up on the screen that I didn't recognise, so I will need to find out what that means! Due to the (so far) mild autumn, the garden is still slipping gracefully into 'sleep' mode. However, colder nights are forecast for this week, so things may well change.
    Best wishes