Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Early May in the garden

 Despite the rather cool weather for this time of year, the garden is blooming.  Above is Magnolia Fairy Blush, grown in a large pot.  It isn't the most interesting of shrubs during the year but the flowers do make up for it.
 They are so pretty and slightly lemon scented too.
Some of the tulips are still in flower - this is the mystery fringed one.  I didn't plant it, but after a gap of a few years, it has started to bloom regularly, so is very welcome.
 Ronaldo, Ballerina and Queen of Night...
 I do like this combination.
 One of my lewisias is flowering too...
 It has some apricot shades amongst the pink.
 Star plant is Rhododendron Tinkerbird again.  Lots of flowers and when the sun is out, the jasmine scent is beautiful.
 Pink buds opening to palest pinky-white flowers.
One of my many favourites at the moment!
Camassia Blue Candle is also in flower, although the lower flowers are going over.  I didn't keep on top of the watering this Spring and Camassias don't like to dry out, but it looks like I have been forgiven.  I probably do need to divide these bulbs this year as the pot is getting rather full.
 Beautiful pale blue and lilac shades.  Lots to enjoy and the alliums will continue the display in a few weeks.


  1. LOVING your garden.
    I plant mostly mixed assortments so am not nearly as knowledgeable about individual names as you are.
    However I have ordered 10 Fringed red tulips (Mascotte) and have an area earmarked for them when they arrive.

    1. Thanks, EC. I have a garden diary in which I try to keep a track of my plants (I don't update it as regularly as |I should!) It is interesting to see what I was doing this time last year, or back five years ago. The list of plants I have has changed so much with things dying or being removed or being added to.
      It will be lovely to see your fringed tulips when they flower.
      Best wishes

  2. Dear Ellie
    Gardening season has started, and beautiful flowers are in bloom in your garden.
    We are already in the season of roses.
    Late spring to early summer is the most splendid season of gardening, isn’t it?

    1. Thanks, Poirot. I agree - Spring to early Summer is my favourite part of the year. My roses have got buds, but don't usually flower until June. Owing to our dry Spring, there have been a lot of aphids on them and I hope the flowers won't have been damaged.
      Best wishes