Sunday, 6 February 2011

A treat for the senses

From a literature based post yesterday to a food based one today in which I am extolling the virtues of the humble egg and cress sandwich. I saw some cress in the supermarket which immediately led my brain to the thought of the egg sandwich and this thought embedded itself to the extent that I had to make one!
My version was wholemeal bread, proper butter spread (in this case, Country Life spreadable), Heinz Salad Cream, a free range, organic egg and the above mentioned cress.
Egg sandwiches remind me of my childhood because we only had them (as far as I can remember) when it was either a party or someone was coming to tea, in other words, special occasions. A part of me still considers them to be a real treat, but I think this just adds to my enjoyment of them.
Egg and cress sandwiches...Mmmmm...!

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