Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A noble experiment

The above piece was my latest experiment which didn't really work out the way I had hoped it would. It was inspired by a small square of glass inlaid with small shapes of iridescent glass, like a mosaic, that I saw in the shop at the hub. I thought it might be just the vehicle for my angelina fusible fibres.
With much excitement, I tried making a piece of felt with the angelina shapes held in the top layer. This did not work and I dismantled it rapidly. Then I thought that I could applique the pieces using various exciting hand and machine stitching. I made a piece of felt and incorporated silk fibres into the top layer to add more interest.
I then stitched the angelina on. Even though I had tacked the shapes in place, they moved against the felt while I stitched, and ended up rather skewiff. My machine sewing skills obviously need a little work too as I managed to allow the needle to miss some parts of the shapes whilst zig-zagging.
I decided to add some hand stitching embellishments to some of the shapes, and whilst this did add to the top surface, the amount of work did not justify the end result.
So, all in all, a noble experiment, but not one with a very pleasing outcome. However, I have learned more about my machine stitching deficiencies and that angelina is best used as an applique material. So, I shall look on it as a learning experience and perhaps I can find a different project that will work more effectively.

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