Monday, 28 February 2011

Hyacinths and Daffodils

I was given this lovely planter with narcissi and hyacinths in it for my birthday a few weeks ago by my work colleagues. I thought it was a fantastic present as it meant I could have the garden inside despite the dull, drizzly weather.

It was really exciting to watch the plants grow (which they did remarkably quickly) and, as they were on the kitchen windowsill, I could admire them while cooking and washing up!

Even though it was raining today, the hyacinths started to open and the strange, sweet fragrance that they have has begun to pervade the kitchen and through to the sitting room. I have tried to grow hyacinths outside, but have never had any luck with them at all. However, this way has worked beautifully.

I'm really pleased that the flowers are white too (I do like the blue varieties but somehow the pink ones are just too pink!) The slightly green colour on the petals reminds me of snowdrops and this whole planter has been a wonderful reminder that the real Spring is just around the corner!

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