Sunday, 26 June 2011

Gardeners' World Live 2011 (part three)

This was a stunning display of floristry, vegetable growing and artistry by the National Farmers' Union, Waitrose and UK Horticulture where the colours seamlessly blended into the next.  All the flowers, fruit and vegetables were produced by British Growers.

 A close up view of part of the white display.

 White gradually merging with yellow.

 Fruit and vegetables were also included, arranged in beautiful patterns to complement the flowers.

The red area, which included tomatoes, peppers and lettuces.  This whole display made a huge impact and won a very well-deserved gold medal.

And finally, another garden design, but this one has plants made from paper.  It looked very convincing from a distance, and it was only as you got closer to it that the truth dawned.  It was a great example of the versatility of paper and was by Suzie McLoughlin, the paper artist whose work we saw at the hub at Sleaford in the Spring. 
All in all, this was a great day out!

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