Saturday, 4 June 2011

A new hobby - Warning, it is addictive!

This is where my new hobby (Chris says it is on its way to becoming an obsession) of jewellery making all began.  I have always loved jewellery, especially earrings and am usually on the lookout for new ones to add to my ever expanding collection wherever we go.  I saw some faceted amethyst and silver ones on a local craft stall, and bought them because I hadn't seen faceted amethyst before, and because they were gorgeous!  A couple of weeks ago, I was idly channel flicking and came across jewellery maker (also a website which is a shopping channel for gemstones and jewellery making supplies.  I have quite quickly become au fait with beading thread, crimp beads, toggle clasps, jump rings, shepherd hooks and all the other vocabulary required.  Gemstones, shopping, beautiful colours and textures - I was hooked!  So, my first purchase was faceted amethyst beads and silver grey pearls (see above).

My most recent purchase was a mix of stones including labradorite which is the grey stone above, but which in certain lights has a flash of blue or cream or pink shades inside the stone (called a schiller, in case you are interested). 

The whole of my latest purchase, from left, labradorite, black shell squares, lapis lazuli puffy coins, two strand of green fluorite, three strands of picasso jasper.  The presenter said the fluorite is known for its fluorescent qualities in certain lights and I must admit, I wasn't convinced, but looking at the photo above, perhaps it does have this quality after all!

I love the fact that I can make my own bracelets and earrings (well, once I get to grips with the techniques).  Lapis Lazuli sounds so exotic and I think it is amazing that I can wear jewellery made from a stone that was precious in Egyptian times and was ground down to create the vibrant blue used in medieval books of hours or renaissance paintings.
 The picasso jasper reminds me of stones on a beach, especially at Hunstanton on the Norfolk coast, where I spent many happy holidays.  I'll probably use the grey/blue stones for myself and perhaps some of the chocolate brown colours.  It is odd how I have become so interested in such a short space of time - if I feel any of my creations are worthy of being put on future blog posts, I'll include them.  Now I just need to go and have a bit of a practice...

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