Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Roses and Clematis

More highlights from the garden and despite the lack of decent rain, the roses and clematis are doing well.  Another of my favourite roses, Rosa Mundi, looking fantastic with a few drops of rain on the petals.  The raspberry ripple swirls on the petals make each flower an original as no two are the same.  It is also one of the oldest roses still in existence.

A relatively new Clematis - Filigree - which I bought last year from QVC and a Raymond Evison introduction.  The two small plants survived the awful winter and I planted them together in a terracotta pot earlier this year. They only grow about 12 inches in height and are happily growing through an upturned wire hanging basket as a support and are starting to trail slightly over the pot which is very attractive.  The flowers are an unusual silvery grey/lilac and open out with darker stamens as you can see from the older flower below.

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