Saturday, 20 August 2011

Hydrangea Avant Garde - in flower

Here it is, as promised in a previous blog post, my Hydrangea Avant Garde in flower.  Unfortunately, the photo doesn't give any idea of scale.  This flower is 30 cm/12 inches wide and is huge!  It also looks as though it is going to be pink, rather than blue, but it is still gorgeous, so I don't mind.  There are two more flower buds developing so hopefully I shall have flowers for some time to come.  However, it does need to be re-potted sooner rather than later, so I shall get on with that. I have lots to do in the garden at the moment - potting on, weeding the paths, planting, tidying the pots, and watering of course, so that should keep me busy for quite some time.

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