Monday, 1 August 2011

Nature's Bounty (albeit three weeks early!)

We went for a walk today along a path by a stream and found a large number of blackberry bushes just waiting for us to pick the fruit.  Judging from the scratches they gave us, perhaps they weren't so happy that we took the fruit, but that seems to be the pay off.  However, we left plenty for other people and wildlife and there were lots more berries ripening up too. As we have had a blackberry and apple crumble last week, and the weather here is now incredibly warm and humid (ugh!), I feel we should make blackberry sauce to have with ice cream.  To that end, Chris is looking into the costs of ice cream makers too, just in case we want to start making our own ice cream, sorbets or frozen yogurts.

While I was taking a photo of our haul, Ginny showed a keen interest in the bowl, but soon decided it was not something she could eat.  I think the blackberries are about three weeks earlier than last year and it must be due to the mad weather we have had this year. I hope that I shall soon be tucking into ice cream and blackberry sauce...mmm!

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