Wednesday, 14 September 2011


 More from Mum's hoard of goodies, now we move onto some accessories.  If you wished to buy a parasol, where better to go than Swan and Edgar's Parasol Department (Piccadilly and Regent Street).  How wonderful to have a whole department devoted to parasols!

 Here is the parasol which came in the box - a lovely lace cover over black and white material inside.

 Of course, a lady should never go anywhere without her white gloves.  (I tried these on and could only get my hand to the base of the glove - nowhere near the fingers.)  The owner of the gloves must have had very small and elegant hands.

Something for the discerning gentleman now - how about some stripy socks, probably silk?

Or a dress stocking?  We thought this may have been for a woman until we saw the size of the foot.  Perhaps it was worn to attend an assembly or ball?
It is fascinating to be able to look at these items and wonder about their owners.  If they could talk, I expect these accessories would tell some very interesting tales.

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