Saturday, 24 September 2011

Which Jane Austen Heroine are you?

I came across this quiz whilst browsing through favourite blogs/sites on other blogs.  Intrigued, I gave the quiz a go and found out I am most like Elinor Dashwood. I am quite pleased with this as Elinor is sensible, practical, caring, intelligent, loyal and I would like to imagine we share some of these characteristics.  However, I am not sure I could hide my feelings as well as she does, nor keep a secret that undoes all her happiness from those around her.  A colleague at work tried the quiz and found out she is most like Marianne Dashwood, so hopefully we should continue to work together well.

I tried some of the other myriad of quizzes on the same subject and the results of a couple of them were very disheartening.  I was more than a little dismayed to find that I was most like Fanny Price (Mansfield Park).  Fanny Price!!  She is a snob, a wimp and allows other people to treat her badly and  is a wallflower who can be easily ignored.  She does have some good qualities, but I would much rather be like Elinor Dashwood than Fanny Price.  Yes, she gets her man in the end, but it is more through luck than anything else.  I was not impressed!  Mansfield Park is my least favourite Jane Austen novel, so that was another reason not to be like Fanny Price. (Re-reading that, it does sound like a bit of a rant, but I hope that I don't share many qualities with her.)

If you'd like to try the quiz, the link is below:

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