Monday, 5 September 2011

Textiles from ages past

I am feeling very guilty just at the moment, as I haven't been devoting much blog space to textiles (whether my felt pieces or other textile-based interests).  We went to visit Mum and Dad yesterday and Mum has a wonderful collection of pieces of old material as well as a Regency dress and various other pieces of clothing and accessories such as socks, gloves, parasols and bonnets from various times, probably mainly Victorian.  So, we had a very happy afternoon rummaging through these wonderful things and I foresee a few blog posts about them. 
Above is a really pretty silk (I think it is silk, but it could be a silk/taffeta) with machine embroidery on it.  I'm not at all sure on date, but my gut feeling is 1800 onwards.

 The back of the material is nearly as pretty as the front!

A close up of the flowers shows the delicate shading of pink and yellow/orange. The materials have all been shut away in an ottoman chest, so have retained their beautiful colours.
This is a great advertisement for hoarding - if Mum (and previous members of her family) hadn't been such hoarders, we wouldn't have these lovely things to look at and enjoy now.
(I have a feeling that my friend Charlotte, who has recently moved to Holland, will particularly like the Regency dress post..coming soon!)

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