Sunday, 5 February 2012

The First Snow of Winter

 As with many parts of the UK today, here is evidence of the snow that fell on us yesterday afternoon and last night. Luckily, not as much as we had last winter which is a good thing.
 The cats had bravely ventured out as can be seen by their paw prints. The snow was a very good texture for snowmen or snowballs (as our next door neighbours demonstrated on the street this morning at 08.00!).
 I liked the pattern on the chair - it looked a bit like the face of a cartoon dog.
The world does become quieter and muffled when there is snow and there is no doubt that it is beautiful to look at, but if it freezes over the next few days and nights, it won't be quite so much fun.
I have been busy spending on the internet to cheer myself up - plants for the Spring, gemstones for now and a couple of books (one on felt, one on gardening).  Their arrival will give me something to look forward to over the next couple of weeks and months.


  1. It looks like you had quite the snowfall there. He did too, a couple of days ahead of you, I supposed. We've also been having record temperatures: at night, down to almost -23 and then below -15 every night since then.
    I have to say that, despite of the incovenience to traffic, trains, etc., I love winter weather when it's like this. I go out for walks, even at night, no problem at all!

  2. Dear Aledys
    Thank you for your comment. I am glad our temperatures haven't got as low as yours - we don't seem to cope very well with -5! I admire your bravery in walking in the wintry weather but I'll be happier when the snow has gone. I like cold, crisp, bright sunny days though.
    Best wishes