Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Snowdrops and other delights at Hodsock Priory

 On Sunday I had my first garden visit of this year - my annual trip to Hodsock Priory.  The weather was perfect with crisp blue sky and lots of sunshine but with a cold wind too.  However, we were wrapped up warmly, so managed the walk around the woodland with no problems.  It was incredibly busy though, probably due to the decent weather, a craft fair in the grounds and the last day of half term too.
Above is a view of the Priory across the small lake, seen through the brilliant red stems of a Cornus (possibly Sibirica, but I'm not sure).
This is what Hodsock is famous for; the drifts of naturalised snowdrops all around the wood.  Despite there being so many people, there were quieter areas and we were able to enjoy the peace and listen to the birdsong, which was magical.
There were also areas full of Cyclamen coum with their delicate pink and white (and many shades in between) flowers.  They always give a lovely splash of colour.
The elongated flowers of Garrya Elliptica (Silk Tassel Bush) are beautiful, especially when you get close to them. A very appropriate common name, I think, as they do look like they are made from silk. It was a lovely visit.


  1. Beautiful shots! I haven't yet seen snowdrops here in NL but they must be out there somewhere.
    Glad the day was so nice and sunny! It's apparently coming our way now, so let's see if I can go out for a walk in the woods myself next weekend.

  2. Dear Aledys
    Thank you so much for your comment. We were really lucky with the weather on Sunday. I'm glad we went then because now the weather is dull, cloudy and looks like rain. However, as we are in an area of the UK that is offically in drought conditions, some rain would actually be quite welcome.
    I hope you are able to enjoy some sunshine next weekend.
    Best wishes