Monday, 27 February 2012

Spring - just around the corner?

 Here's a sight that cheered me up after the rather grey few days we have had recently.  Owing to the rather unpredictable winter we have had (mild, snow, freezing temperatures, spring-like temperatures, cold), I wasn't sure whether these daffodils had survived at all.  This pot is outside the front door and has had no extra protection during the winter. (I also needed a few subjects for my new camera too).  Nature shows how amazing she is again, as the cheerful yellow flowers unfurl.
One of just a few double snowdrops in the garden looking rather gorgeous too.  Excuse my rather wrinkled fingers as I hadn't put any hand cream on before braving the cold.
Another cheerful face of a viola, planted at the top of a tulip pot.  I did notice tulip leaves starting to push through, so that is encouraging.  I am desperate to get out into the garden; to prune the clematis, buddleia and roses and to tidy up the borders.  I notice new things every time I venture out and this gives me a feeling of optimism that spring is on the way.


  1. Gorgeous flowers. They certainly do cheer you up, don't they. Things are going a bit slower here, it seems. The leaves of the bulbs we have in our back garden are pushing up which is good, but many of them got burnt by frost during the cold spell we had a few weeks ago. I suppose we'll have to wait a couple more days to see what it'll look like.
    I have been just taking a look at the photos from my friends in Spain. They are so ahead of us here in the north! Their almond trees are already in bloom and they look so beautiful!

  2. Dear Aledys
    Thank you for your comment and yes, the flowers certainly do cheer you up. The mild temperatures have made a huge difference to the spring flowers and I have noticed lots of crocuses that have flowered just in the last week. The daffodil growers in the south of the county have had a lot of their flowers ruined by the extreme frosts we had a couple of weeks ago, but they seem confident that there will still be plenty to enjoy. I really like this time of year, when the trees and plants start to wake up after the winter.

  3. Ellie, I am so envious of your early spring pictures. As usual, we are still buried under mounds of snow and can only hope that winter will start turning around soon.



  4. Dear Julie
    Thank you for your comment. I am hopefully going to get out into the garden this weekend to begin pruning and sorting. I can't wait! Roll on Saturday!
    Sorry to hear that the snow is still with you over there. Hopefully things will begin to improve in the next month or so.
    Best wishes (and keep warm!)